Welcome to the website for the Poros Workshop on Archaeological Ethnographies. This is an international workshop which will take place at the island of Poros, from the 6th to the 8th of June 2008. It is part of the activities of the Kalaureia Research Programme and will bring together anthropologists and archaeologists from around the world to discuss the methodologies and the current status of an emerging trend in the conceptualisation of and engagement with the ancient material past. The term Archaeological Ethnography is used to denote the ethnographic study of the ways in which peoples interact, imagine and engage with the material past in a wide variety of contexts. It combines the methods of social anthropology with the concerns and concepts of Archaeology. We believe this is a salutary development that will profoundly alter the ways in which western academia deals with the material remains of antiquity. It introduces a new ethical practice that incorporates alternative ways of engaging with these artefacts. It also helps understand the ways in which the production of the ancient past by ‘official’ archaeologies has shaped the cosmos of local populations, and the ways in which non-archaeological groups and individual produce and enact their own alternative archaeologies.

The workshop, as already noted above, puts emphasis on appropriate methodologies and experimental moments in what is an emerging field. We have set up this website, where proposed abstracts and complete papers will be uploaded in time, in order to encourage discussion prior to the workshop. We hope that a lively on-line dialogue will delineate the themes that are of vital interest to participants and will bring to the fore convergences or debates that will shape the discussion during and after the workshop itself.

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Other Contributors:

Handler, Richard – University of Virginia, USA
Hodder, Ian – Stanford University, USA
Marshall, Yvonne – University of Southampton, UK
Nicholas, George – Simon Frazer University, Canada
Smith, Claire – Flinders University, Australia
Stewart, Charles – University College London, UK
Sutton, David – Southern Illinois University, USA
Yalouri, Eleana – Panteion University, Greece

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